06 October 2016

Recognizing Mom

We live in a world where girls still drop out of school early to fulfill work demands at home or due to inadequate hygiene products. We live in a world where women do not enjoy rights equal to those of men and a world where, in parts, females kneel when greeting males or other “superiors.” And in this world where women work back-breakingly hard, many times without warranted respect or appropriate appreciation, financial or otherwise, the Florida State University’s College of Social Work has recognized my mother for her contributions to the field of Social Work.

Her impact on the field that merits an award of this type came at the same time as she was actively influencing the lives of the three men in her family. She designed a schedule to ensure she was present to pick me up after school, help with homework, drive me to tennis lessons, and make dinner. And when it came time to apply to university, she advised on applications and encouraged my broad search. While I did not follow her one piece of advice based on her one regret – “study abroad!” – her experience and the way she prioritized education has set me on a unique and fulfilling path.

There is no prize big enough to honor my mother for all she has done, both at work and at home, but this award feels special. Congratulations, Mom!  This is well deserved.



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